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State Mounted Games - Team Try-outs!

State Mounted Games is not that far away! Do you have what it takes to form part of our Mounted Games Teams? Want to learn from one of the best? We will be conducting mounted try-outs for the State Mounted Games on the following date:

Sunday 15 July 2018

Riders successful in forming the team should be available to participate in team training sessions and compete in the following competitions:

2018 Zone 26 Team Sporting & Mounted Games (11 & 12 August)

2018 State Mounted Games Championships (29 & 30 September) 2018 State Team Sporting (1 & 2 October)

Our club can make up teams within the age divisions from riders who are of an acceptable standard and meet all set criteria. Glenorie PC is hoping to field two teams (junior & senior).

From the nominations/expressions of interest we receive, the Club’s instructors and Committee will meet and decide on the riders in each team based on skill, aptitude, team work, and whether they meet the PCA NSW guidelines for State Competition. There is a possibility that some riders will not gain a place in a team due to the fact that the teams require a set number of riders (5). If we have additional riders who are of an acceptable standard they can be passed on to our Zone Chief Instructor and she may be able to form composite teams with other riders from the zone.

Families are reminded that attending these State competitions is a real achievement and there is a lot involved in the lead up to the event. There may be training sessions to attend, expense in purchasing uniforms, logistics in travelling a longer distance and staying multiple days at the venue, ensuring the horse is fit and healthy to compete, etc. If you are interested, have a chat to some of our more experienced riders/families who would be happy to help you.

If you do wish to express an interest in attending, please contact Jill Hutchings (

If you do not make a team, or you do not feel quite ready for a State Event, Zone 26 will run a Mounted Games and Team Sporting competition in August. The Club fills as many teams as we can with riders of all abilities.

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