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Each competitor may ride one horse only and each horse may only be ridden by one rider throughout the fixture (i.e. Club, Zone or State competition). The horse must be the property of the competitor or a member of the Club to which the competitor belongs for a period of at least one month prior to and one month after the competition. Such proof to be supplied if requested. A breach of this rule may be penalised by disqualification for up to twelve months. 
The only exception to this rule of one horse one rider, is in an event for riders under six years who are members, when a mount owned by another member of the same Club, may be used.  No stallions or rigs are permitted at Association fixtures.

No lease will be recognised unless it is for a period of at least six months. The lease must be signed by the lessee and the lessor in the presence of a Justice of the Peace who must witness the signatures and the date of signing. The lease form must then be countersigned by the Secretary of the Club to which the lessee belongs. The original lease form must then be forwarded to the Association office and a copy each to the lessee, the lessor, the Club Secretary and the Zone Secretary. (Lease agreement forms are available from the Association office.) 
The leased horse cannot be used in competition until a period of six weeks has elapsed from the date the lease is signed by all parties. If the lease is renewed without a break in time, no further qualifying period is necessary. During the term of the lease the horse cannot be ridden in Pony Club competition by any person not a member of the lessee’s Club. 

Pony Club members riding horses owned in partnership with another person, who is not a member of the same Club, will be required to register their part ownership with the Association in the same manner as for a lease. The same regulations will apply. Only ONE of the part owners is permitted to ride the horse in Pony Club competition and the intending rider for this purpose should be specified on the ‘‘notification of part-ownership’’ form. (Forms are obtainable from the Association office.) 


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