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Canteen & Set-up Information


Glenorie is a pony club that is run off the volunteered time of the parents and associates. Without the hard work and dedication of all parents the club cannot provide the education, fun and rewarding experiences our kids have at each rally day.  As a condition of membership of GPC, all families are rostered on for Set Up and Canteen Duty 2-3 times per year. Please see below the procedures for Set Up and Canteen Duty.


  • A roster is done at the commencement of each year, advising when you are rostered on for Set Up and Canteen Duty.

  • Set Up commences at 7.30am on the Rally Day. You must arrive and be available for Set Up at this time. If your child needs help getting their pony ready you will need to either come earlier or have someone else assist them. Setting up for the day needs to take priority as delays will affect all other members.

  • A plan for the rally day will be sent out prior with a list of the activities that need to be set up.

  • If you are unsure of what equipment will be required please contact the chief instructor for clarification.

  • A committee member will normally be there to open the shed, assist and answer questions.

  • You are required to bring food for morning tea when you are rostered on for Canteen Duty. The roster shows you what type of food to bring.

  • You need to provide a family member to help prepare and serve food at morning tea and then clean up.

  •  Everyone is required to assist in the packing up of equipment at conclusion of every Rally Day.

  • If you are unable to attend on the day that you have been rostered on, you should organize a swap with another member and then let the canteen coordinator know the change. This should be done as least one week prior. If you have trouble arranging a swap let a committee member know before the Rally Day.

Pony Club Australia Child Safeguarding Policy

All members should be familiar with this PCA Policy.  Please click on the link to view.  A copy will also be available in the clubhouse.

Pony Club Australia Child Safeguarding Policy



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