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Castle Hill Show Pony Club Classes - Entries Open

The Castle Hill & Hills District 2018 Annual Show Pony Club competition will be held on Saturday 3rd March 2018. As the Pony Club com

petition is pre-entry only and entries close on 20th February 2018, You can find the 2018 Pony Club Section details on our 'Upcoming Events' page.

Entries need to be submitted by the club as one entry. If you would like to attend Castle Hill Show in the Pony Club Classes, please contact Lynda Pernice (

The Annual Horse section is also being held on the same weekend, 3rd & 4th March 2018. This is the weekend before the other sections of the Annual Agricultural Youth Expo being held this year due to the parking constraints on the grounds caused by the construction of the North West Rail Link and road widening.

The full Horse section program will be available on the Society website.

Thank you for supporting our Castle Hill Show!

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