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Rally Day this Sunday

Dear Members,

We are looking forward to another fantastic rally day this weekend. Activities will include a variety of Mounted Games, Flat work and Showjumping activities.

Please be ready for Gear Check which is at 8:30am.

We have been fortunate to secure Vince Gretch to coach showjumping once again this weekend and we'd like to encourage all levels of jumpers to consider submitting an RSVP for jumping tuition. Even if you have never jumped before or are a little cautious when it comes to jumping, we'd like you to give it a try and will offer a poles on the ground and/or cross rails group for our less experienced riders. Please RSVP to to let us know you are coming to help us prearrange groups.

You may have also noticed entries to our Closed Sporting and Showjumping Competition have opened. Please visit our Upcoming Competitions page for more information and to enter.

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