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Local Mounted Games Competition

Hey guys,

Have you ever heard of mounted games?

If you want to see what its all about, check out these videos!

Now you can hop on your horse and come try it!

For people and ponies of any age, height or ability, this is an exciting, fun-filled discipline. You develop a high degree of skill and strengthen the bond with your horse, whilst making long-lasting friendships; what more could you want?

On the 10th and 11th of June there will be a mounted games competition at Vines Pony Club.

You simply turn up and enter on the day. It is a pairs competition on the Saturday (2 riders) and a teams competition on Sunday (5 riders). But if you don't know of anyone to ride with, do not worry because we will find people for you! Feel free to camp overnight at Vines; it is a good opportunity to meet other members and make new friends.

For those who have never tried mounted games before, there will be a lot of people willing to give guidance and share their expertise on technique and riding skills in general. And the best part is, parents can ride too!

This is truly an amazing sport, and you never know, you might start off at a local competition at Vines, and eventually get to represent the country overseas!

What are you waiting for! If you have any questions, contact Annalise Gasparre on 0404799942, or NSWMGA Secretary Maureen Purdie on 0427383343.

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