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Glenorie Pony Club Announcements - 5 March 2017

It's a busy time of year and whilst we may not have a rally day today, there is still a lot we would like to inform you about:

Zone Show Riding - Entries Due

If you are intending on entering Zone Show Riding and have not let us know yet, please do so today as entries are closing tomorrow. To confirm your attendance please email Lynda Pernice ( or call/text 0417 243 052.

The program for Zone Show Riding can be found on our 'forms' page.

Castle Hill Show - Entries Due

Entries have opened for the Pony Club Classes at Castle Hill Show and close this Wednesday 8 March. Please contact Lynda Pernice ( or call/text 0417 243 052.

The program for Castle Hill Show can be found on our 'forms' page.

Zone Dressage at Glenorie PC - Jobs Allocation coming soon

Our Zone Dressage competition is coming up at the end of this month. All Glenorie families will be allocated a job on this day to help ensure the day runs smoothly.

Job allocations will be circulated this week.

Make sure you get your entries in. We accept entries via Global Online Entries.

We also have our set-up working bee the day before on Saturday 25 March. Many hands make light work and we appreciate you making yourself available to help on this day as well (should only be a few hours).

If you have any questions please contact us

We look forward to seeing you at our next rally day - Sunday 19 March 2017.

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