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Rally Day - 5 February 2017

The weekend has finally come! We will hold our Registration Day this Saturday 4 February and first rally day this Sunday 5 February.

Keeping the interests of both horse and human welfare in mind, due to the extreme weather predictions we will run with a modified plan for our first rally day. Should the Committee feel that on the day if the weather conditions are too strenuous for horses and riders the program may be modified further without warning.

We will try to beat the heat with Gear Check and Sign on at 8AM and complete a few activities before morning tea. We will then do some goal setting after morning tea announcements. Riding after morning tea will depend on the weather.

Activities will be :

Get to know you and introductions

Flat work on top grass

Games on middle grass

Time Trial

Setting our Term 1 Riding Goals

Depending on the weather, we will aim for two rotations before morning tea and then do the goal setting after morning tea announcements. We may return to complete a third rotation, however this will depend on the weather.

Don't forget to visit us on Registration Day from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 4 February.

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